Plant Galley
Meal Ideas

The following photos show meal ideas from favorite recipes.
Recipes from the Plant Galley Favorite Recipes are capitalized
under the photos. Food listed under the photos that is not
capitalized does not use a written recipe. To satisfy the four
food groups (fruits, grains, legumes, and vegetables), it might
be good to include a green salad, whole grain bread (Ezekiel 4:9
Low Sodium Whole Grain Bread) and/or fruit for dessert to
complete these meals. Enjoy each plate of healthy nutrients!

To simplify weekly meal planning, it might be good to specify a
certain type of food for each night of the week. Leftovers make
good lunches! The following is an example:
Day 1 = Baked Potato Night
Day 2 = Burger Night
Day 3 = Pasta Night
Day 4 = Pizza Night
Day 5 = Rice Bowl Night
Day 6 = Soup/Chili Night
Day 7 = Taco/Burrito Night

Even though most of this example sounds like fast food, they
are healthy meals when prepared using cooking techniques and
ingredients that promote health. There are many options for
varying foods within each daily theme. Burger Night does not
have to include a bun! Burger patties can be served in pita
bread for a sandwich. They can be broken over a green salad.
Burger patties can be served with a sauce (gravy, salsa, etc.)
accompanied by other vegetables to complete the meal. There are
an unlimited number of burger recipes that vary the beans and
seasoning to create different flavors and to give different
nutrients. I have enough burger recipes to prepare a different
one each day of the month! The burgers are quick to prepare and
can be frozen for cooking later. They are also much cheaper than
purchasing frozen prepared vegetable burgers that can have a lot
of fat and salt as well as preservatives. It is actually a
chance to take the daily theme and get creative each week. Enjoy
exploring new fruits, grains, legumes, and vegetables that you
may not have tried before!

Portabella Steaks; Roasted Vinegar Baby Potatoes;
Oil-Free Roasted Asparagus; fresh sliced tomatoes

Italian Bean Burgers; Italian Roasted Veggies; cooked frozen broccoli; Dijon Beets
Grilled Portabella Mushrooms; steamed zucchini; Three Bean Salad; baked sweet potato
Beet Salad; Esselstyn Lentil Oat Loaf; Vegetarian Mushroom Gravy; Garlic Sweet Potato Mash; Easy Fried Rice with Veggies; Herbed Broccoli Spears
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